All prices are per item unless otherwise noted.  
    All items are original-issue, first printings and complete unless otherwise noted.  
    Comic books are graded based on CGC standards.

    The definitions of conditions are as follows; 
pr = Poor (.5).  Incomplete in some way.  Not a collectible grade.
fr- = Fair minus (.7 - .9).  Slightly less than fair condition.  Falling apart but story complete.
fr = Fair (1.0).  Heavy wear and/or obvious defects which may be listed such as
       loose cover, heavy creases or pieces missing from cover.  Beat but complete.
fr/gd = Fair/Good (1.5).  Slightly less than good condition.
gd = Good (2.0 - 2.5).  Complete and intact but with over-all wear or defects such as creases, 
         tears, spine splits, moisture damage, stains  and marks.  
gd/vg = Good/Very Good (3.0 - 3.5).  Slightly less than very good condition.
vg = Very good (4.0 - 4.5).  An average copy.  Visible wear but nothing major. 
         Defects may include minor spine splits, creases or small tears but not in excess.  
vg/fn = Very good/Fine (5.0 - 5.5).  Slightly less than fine condition.
fn = Fine (6.0 - 6.5).  Above average copy with only minor signs of wear.
fn/vf = Fine/Very Fine (7.0 - 7.5).  Slightly less than very fine condition.
vf = Very fine (8.0 - 8.5).  An excellent copy with outstanding eye appeal and only a few minor flaws.
vf/nm = Very fine/Near Mint (9.0).  Better than very fine but slightly less than near mint minus condition.
nm- = Near mint minus (9.2).  Better than vf/nm but falling slightly short of near mint.  Close to perfect.  Almost flawless.
nm = Near mint (9.4).  Only a few extremely small flaws, visible only with very close inspection.  Almost perfect.  
nm+ = Near mint plus (9.6).  Just one tiny flaw keeping it from Near mint/Near Mint.  Almost perfect.  Virtually flawless.
nm/mt = Near mint/Near Mint (9.8).  Flawless and perfect.  No visible flaws.  I rarely grade anything this high.
mt = Mint (9.9 - 10.0).  I won't grade anything as being this high in grade.  
        This term can be better used to describe a flavor of mouth wash.

    The number that immediately follows the letter grade, represents the whiteness level of the 
books interior pages.  This paper quality scale is based on the "Overstreet Price Guide's" Owl whiteness level.  
Example:  59 vg/fn7 means a very good to fine book with lightly tanned pages.  The degree of whiteness varies 
due to age (oxidation), heat exposure or may have simply been originally printed on paper with a pulpy consistency.
    Definitions are as follows:  10 = White; 9 = Near White; 8 = Off White to Cream; 7 = Light Tan; 6 = Tan;
 5 = Dark Tan; 4 = Light Brown; 3 Brown; 2 = Dark Brown; 1 = Brittle.
    The whiteness level of 8 represents an average page quality for pre-1980s comics because 
many of them were originally printed on paper with that whiteness level.

Ann. = Annual
app. = appearance
bag.w = bagged with
b&w = black and white
bk. = back
bk.cv. = back cover
bnd.dft. = bindery defect 
bnd.dft.1A = Square cover with a long narrow rectangular
  strip of back cover shows along spine or right
  edge of front cover.
bnd.dft.1B = Square cover with a long narrow triangular 
  strip of back cover shows along spine or right 
  edge of front cover.
bnd.dft.1C = Square cover with a long narrow white       
  rectangular strip at either top or bottom of
  front cover indicating that cover had
  traveled before trimming.
bnd.dft.1D = Square cover with a long narrow white 
  triangular strip at either top or bottom of   
  front cover indicating that cover had  
  traveled before trimming.
bnd.dft.1E = Same as 1A but on back cover.
bnd.dft.1F = Same as 1B but on back cover.
bnd.dft.1G = Same as 1C but on back cover.
bnd.dft.1H = Same as 1D but on back cover.
bnd.dft.2A-2H = Same as 1A-1H but cover
  is not square.
bnd.dft.2I = Cover is not square, o/w OK. 
btm. = bottom
cnr. = corner
color piece = A patch of color missing
    possibly by tape or price tag removal.
crs. = crease(s)
ctr. = center
ctr.fold = center fold
cv. = cover
diff. = different
distr. = distributor
dmg. = damage
fgr.prt. = finger print(s)
foxing = Mold-like speckles or light spots
              caused by moisture. Usually yellow
              or light brown in color.
ft. = front
horz. = horizontal
int. = interior
lft. = left
lg. = long
lg.crs. = long crease(more than 2")
lgt. = light
ltd. = limited
mid. = middle
mst. = moisture
mst.ring = moisture ring, usually caused by
                 drinking glass or bottle.
o/w = otherwise
pg. = page(s)
Prestige = A square-bound comic book 
                 format with high-quality paper.
progr. = progressive
prt. = print or printing
rgt. = right
rpt. = reprint or reprinting
sm. = small
Spec. = Special
spn. = spine
spn.spt. = spine split
spn.tr. = spine tear
spt. = split(straight)
sqr.bd. = square bound
stk. = sticker
stn. = stain(s)
stp. = staple(s)
sty. = story
sub.crs. = subscription crease
sub.lab. = subscription label
tr. = tear(uneven)
v. = volume
vert. = vertical
w/o = without
wrk. = wrinkle
yrbk = yearbook
# = number

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